• 04/19: Supun presents a demo on Krypton at SysML 2019.

  • 03/19: Oracle Labs supports our work on query optimization for ML systems with a research award.

  • 03/19: Arun gives a talk at Strata Data Conference on Morpheus and Hamlet. Arun is also interviewed by SE Daily on the topic of ML systems.

  • 03/19: Vraj's demo on SpeakQL and Lingjiao's demo on Nimbus are both accepted to SIGMOD 2019.

  • 03/19: Supun's paper on query optimization for explaining CNN predictions is accepted to SIGMOD 2019. A demo proposal is also accepted to SysML 2019.

  • 02/19: Morgan & Claypool publishes Arun's book Data Management in ML Systems, the first book on the emerging area of ML systems (PDF on M&C webpage; order hard copy).

  • 01/19: Side's paper on a non-linear variant of Morpheus gets a rare direct accept to SIGMOD 2019.

  • 11/18: The Nimbus and Tuple-Oriented Compression papers are both accepted to SIGMOD 2019! I amsterdam and all that.

  • 10/18: Supun, Vraj, and Yuhao present posters about their research at the inaugural SoCal DB Day. Supun also presents a talk about his research at the Fall’18 CNS Research Review.

  • 08/18: A blog post on the panel discussion moderated by Arun at SIGMOD DEEM Workshop 2018 is now live on the ACM SIGMOD Blog.

  • 08/18: The SLAB paper is accepted to VLDB 2018 (or 2019?). Hit your ML system with SLAB to prove it is worthy.

  • 07/18: A big thank you to NSF for funding Project SpeakQL!

  • 06/18: The DAnA paper is accepted to VLDB 2018. Database meets ML meets computer architecture in Rio!

  • 06/18: Arun receives a 2018 Hellman Fellowship and a 2018 Faculty of the Year award from oSTEM UCSD Chapter. A big thank you to the university and to the students oSTEM!

  • 04/18: Lingjiao Chen receives a 2018 Google PhD Fellowship, the only student in the database area! Congratulations to Lingjiao and thank you to Google!

  • 02/18: Arun interviewed on the topic of advanced data analytics and ML systems for a SIGMOD blog post.

  • 02/18: Supun presents a poster on Vista at the inaugural SysML mini-conference.

  • 02/18: Preprints of the Vista and SLAB papers are out.

  • 01/18: Preprint of the DAnA paper, a collaboration with Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, is out.

  • 10/17: The Hamlet++ paper is accepted to VLDB 2018. Congrats, Vraj!

  • 10/17: Anthony and Supun present short talks about their research at the Fall’17 CNS Research Review.

  • 10/17: ADALab webpage goes live!

Practical Impact

Note: If our research software and/or ideas have been helpful for your data analytics applications, we would love to hear from you on your use cases and feedback. We are also happy to mention your company/organization in the list below.

  • 2018: Morpheus in Python explored for internal use by Avito of Russia (recommendation and other Web analytics).

  • 2018: SLAB results reveal new bugs and garner feature earmarks in IBM/Apache SystemML.

  • 2017: Bolt-on DP-SGD adopted for various customer use cases by Georgian Partners.

  • 2017: Orion and Morpheus ideas explored for internal use by Google (ad analytics) and Oracle (banking analytics).

  • 2016-17: Hamlet ideas explored for internal use by Facebook (friend recommendations), LogicBlox (retail analytics), and MakeMyTrip (customer analytics).

  • 2015: Orion ideas adopted for internal use by LogicBlox (retail analytics) and Microsoft (Web security analytics).

  • 2013: Bismarck system used for healthcare analytics at UWashington.

  • 2012-13: Bismarck ideas adopted in analytics products by Cloudera and Oracle.

  • 2012: Bismarck code and ideas integrated in to EMC/Apache MADlib.