• 2/22: Huge congrats to Kabir on receiving a highly competitive Meta PhD Fellowship, the first UCSD student to receive one in the program's 10-year history!

  • 12/21: The Nautilus paper on optimizing deep transfer learning at scale, part of the Cerebro project, is accepted to SIGMOD 2022.

  • 9/21: Arun is tenured and promoted to Associate Professor at UC San Diego.

  • 8/21: A new blog post summarizing the papers, talks, demo, and panel discussions at VLDB and KDD by ADALab members.

  • 7/21: The Kingpin paper on optimized execution of mass ML model building over data sub-groups, part of the Cerebro project, is accepted to VLDB 2021.

  • 6/21: Huge congrats to Kabir on winning 1st place at the undergraduate level and to Side on winning 2nd place at the graduate level of the SIGMOD 2021 Student Research Competition! This is the strongest showing ever at the SIGMOD SRC by Database Lab students.

  • 6/21: Congrats to Advitya and Kabir on bagging top undergraduate research honors of their respective departments! Advitya is accorded the HDSI Undergraduate Scholarship Project Award and Kabir is accorded the CSE Undergraduate Award for Excellence in Research. This is the first time these honors go to Database Lab students, let alone both in the same year!

  • 5/21: Three papers are accepted in the same week from the Cerebro project! The first is a full research paper at VLDB 2021 explaining the tradeoffs of bringing deep learning to scalable data systems. The second is a demo of Cerebro's new user interface for intermittent human-in-the-loop model selection, also at VLDB 2021. The third is an application of Cerebro to a public health analytics task, yielding state-of-the-art results, at the MSSE journal.

  • 4/21: The Trinity paper integrating Morpheus with Oracle's GraalVM is accepted to VLDB 2021 Industrial Track.

  • 3/21: Arun receives the IEEE TCDE Rising Star Award.

  • 3/21: Amazon supports our work on the ML Data Prep Zoo with a research award.

  • 3/21: The first full research paper on SortingHat is accepted to SIGMOD 2021. This is likely the first research paper in SIGMOD's history focused primarily on a new benchmark dataset.

  • 2/21: A big thank you to VMware for supporting our work on Cerebro with a second faculty research award gift, generously tripling their support!

  • 2/21: ADALab has launched a new Tumblr page for fun posts on research, practice, and education in the world of systems for data management, analytics, ML, and data science.

  • 1/21: Congrats to each of Advitya, Kabir, and Side for being selected for the second round of the SIGMOD 2021 Student Research Competition! It is pretty rare for three submissions from a single group to all get selected.

  • 12/20: Congrats to Supun and Vraj for passing their thesis proposal exams with strong praise from both committees!

  • 12/20: Congrats to Kabir on receiving an Honorable Mention for the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award!

  • 11/20: Arun joined a panel discussion on AI ethics organized by UCSD Office of Innovation and Commercialization.

  • 10/20: Kabir and Advitya are both nominated to the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Research Award by CSE and HDSI, respectively.

  • 10/20: A paper on our long-term vision for Cerebro is accepted to CIDR 2021.

  • 9/20: NSF supports our work on SortingHat with a Convergence Accelerator grant.

  • 7/20: The Cerebro paper is accepted to VLDB 2020.

  • 7/20: VMware supports our work on Cerebro with a research award.

  • 6/20: Congrats to Kabir on the honorable mention for the CSE Undergraduate Research Award!

  • 6/20: NSF supports our work on Cerebro with a CAREER Award grant.

  • 6/20: Krypton receives an ACM SIGMOD Research Highlights Award! A shorter version of the paper will be featured in SIGMOD Record later in 2020.

  • 4/20: The invited extended version of the Krypton paper has been accepted to ACM TODS 2020.

  • 4/20: Google supports our work on the ML Data Prep Zoo with a research award.

  • 3/20: Both the Vista and SpeakQL papers are accepted to ACM SIGMOD 2020! Let our data systems open their eyes and ears to the era of “database perception.”

  • 2/20: The GDPRBench paper is accepted to VLDB 2020!

  • 2/20: Arun interviewed by UCSD's Data Science Student Society on scalable analytics/ML systems and career options and on risks/benefits of AI and emerging tech.

  • 2/20: Arun published a blog post on Inclusive CS Examples to help raise awareness of the importance of inclusion and avoiding exclusionary examples in CS concepts.

  • 1/20: Arun and ADALab students Supun, Vraj, and Yuhao launch DSC 102: Systems for Scalable Analytics, the first course of its kind in the world aimed at data science juniors/seniors.

  • 12/19: Congrats to Advitya on being named a recipient of the inaugural HDSI Undergraduate Scholarship!

  • 11/19: The Panorama paper is accepted to VLDB 2020. Looking to expand our horizons to Tokyo!

  • 10/19: Supun presents a talk on Cerebro at the Fall’19 CNS Research Review.

  • 9/19: ADALab welcomes 2 new PhD students: Tara Mirmira and Side Li (returning BS graduate). Congrats to both on being awarded HDSI PhD Fellowships! Congrats to Side again on being awarded a UCSD JSOE PhD Fellowship in addition!

  • Summer 19: David interns at Oracle Labs to help integrate ideas from Morpheus into GraalVM. Yuhao interns at Pivotal/MADlib to help integrate ideas from Cerebro into MADlib.

  • 6/19: Blog posts galore related to SIGMOD 2019! Overview post on the ADALab presence at SIGMOD by Arun, Post on Krypton by Supun, Post on Cerebro by Supun and Yuhao, Post on MLDataPrepZoo by Vraj, and Post on SpeakQL by Vraj.

  • 5/19: Supun's Krypton paper receives honorable mention as runner up for the Best Paper Award at SIGMOD 2019! A big thank you to the award committee and SIGMOD.

  • 5/19: A demo on Krypton is accepted to VLDB 2019.

  • 4/19: Supun and Yuhao's short paper on Cerebro and Vraj's short paper on SortingHat are both accepted to the DEEM Workshop at SIGMOD 2019.

  • 4/19: Supun presents a demo on Krypton at SysML 2019.

  • 3/19: Oracle Labs supports our work on query optimization for ML systems with a research award.

  • 3/19: Arun gives a talk at Strata Data Conference on Morpheus and Hamlet. Arun is also interviewed by SE Daily on the topic of ML systems (podcast link).

  • 3/19: Vraj's demo on SpeakQL and Lingjiao's demo on Nimbus are both accepted to SIGMOD 2019.

  • 3/19: Supun's paper on query optimization for explaining CNN predictions is accepted to SIGMOD 2019. A demo proposal is also accepted to SysML 2019.

  • 2/19: Morgan & Claypool publishes Arun's book Data Management in ML Systems, the first book on the emerging area of ML systems (PDF on M&C webpage; order hard copy).

  • 1/19: Side's paper on a non-linear variant of Morpheus gets a rare direct accept to SIGMOD 2019.

  • 11/18: The Nimbus and Tuple-Oriented Compression papers are both accepted to SIGMOD 2019! I amsterdam and all that.

  • 10/18: Supun, Vraj, and Yuhao present posters about their research at the inaugural SoCal DB Day. Supun also presents a talk about his research at the Fall’18 CNS Research Review.

  • 8/18: A blog post on the panel discussion moderated by Arun at SIGMOD DEEM Workshop 2018 is now live on the ACM SIGMOD Blog.

  • 8/18: The SLAB paper is accepted to VLDB 2018 (or 2019?). Hit your ML system with SLAB to prove it is worthy.

  • 7/18: A big thank you to NSF for funding Project SpeakQL!

  • 6/18: The DAnA paper is accepted to VLDB 2018. Database meets ML meets computer architecture in Rio!

  • 6/18: Arun receives a 2018 Hellman Fellowship and a 2018 Faculty of the Year award from oSTEM UCSD Chapter. A big thank you to the university and to the students oSTEM!

  • 4/18: Lingjiao Chen receives a 2018 Google PhD Fellowship, the only student in the database area! Congratulations to Lingjiao and thank you to Google!

  • 2/18: Arun interviewed on the topic of advanced data analytics and ML systems for a SIGMOD blog post.

  • 2/18: Supun presents a poster on Vista at the inaugural SysML mini-conference.

  • 2/18: Preprints of the Vista and SLAB papers are out.

  • 1/18: Preprint of the DAnA paper, a collaboration with Hadi Esmaeilzadeh, is out.

  • 10/17: The Hamlet++ paper is accepted to VLDB 2018. Congrats, Vraj!

  • 10/17: Anthony and Supun present short talks about their research at the Fall’17 CNS Research Review.

  • 10/17: ADALab webpage goes live!

External Interviews and Media

  • Innovation at the Edge: Artificial Intelligence & Ethics
    Panel discussion organized by UCSD Office of Innovation and Commercialization, 2020 | Video

  • Faculty Spotlight - Arun Kumar | Scalable Analytics, Academia vs. Industry
    Interview by UCSD's Data Science Student Society, 2020 | Webpage

  • Machine Learning Joins with Arun Kumar
    Interview by Software Engineering Daily at Strata Data Conference, 2019 | Webpage

  • Hardware Acceleration Opportunities for Machine Learning on Massive Datasets
    Blog post on ACM SIGARCH Blog about the TOC paper, 2019 | Webpage

  • Courting ML: Witnessing the Marriage of Relationa & Web Data Systems to Machine Learning
    Interview by WebDB Workshop for ACM SIGMOD Blog, 2018 | Webpage