Active Projects

We have three active research projects across different parts of the ML application lifecycle:


Project Cerebro
A layered data platform for deep learning at scale on all axes–data, model, tasks–and on all kinds of execution backends.


Project SortingHat
Benchmark tasks, labeled datasets, models, and empirical evaluation of tools for automated data preparation on ML platforms.


Project SpeakQL
Speech-first querying interfaces, languages, and tools for relational databases powered by deep learning-based automatic speech recognition.

Other Collaborative Work

  • Understanding and Benchmarking the Impact of GDPR on Database Systems
    Supreeth Shastri, Vinay Banakar, Melissa Wasserman, Arun Kumar, and Vijay Chidambaram
    VLDB 2020 | Paper PDF | TechReport | Webpage | Talk videos: Youtube Bilibili

  • Hierarchical and Distributed Machine Learning Inference Beyond the Edge
    Anthony Thomas, Yunhui Guo, Yeseong Kim, Baris Aksanli, Arun Kumar and Tajana Rosing
    IEEE ICNSC 2019 | Paper PDF

  • Predicting Eating Events in Free Living Individuals
    Jiayi Wang, Jiue-An Yang, Supun Nakandala, Arun Kumar and Marta M. Jankowska
    eScience 2019 Conference (Poster)

  • In-RDBMS Hardware Acceleration of Advanced Analytics
    Divya Mahajan, Joon Kyung Kim, Jacob Sacks, Adel Ardalan, Arun Kumar, and Hadi Esmaeilzadeh
    VLDB 2018 | Paper PDF | Addendum