Active Projects

ADALab's research is organized under two top-level projects that focus on two different aspects of the ADA lifecycle:


Project Triptych
An end-to-end data system for sourcing data and features, as well as specifying, optimizing, and managing the ML model selection process.


Project Genisys
Deep learning-powered database perception to enable data systems to see and hear unstructured data, from the Internet of Things to personal devices to the cloud.

Past Projects


Project Orion
Enabling and optimizing ML “over” joins; the precursor to Project Mopheus.


Project Columbus
Enabling and optimizing declarative exploratory feature selection over structured data.


Project Bismarck
Devising a unified system architecture for in-RDBMS implementations of ML algorithms.


Project Staccato
Integrating OCR data with an RDBMS and trading off accuracy for runtime with approximate inference.