Advanced Data Analytics (ADA) Lab


The list of active projects along with a brief description of each project is provided below. Some of these projects have an active project webpage. For the others, the project webpages will be posted in the near future. The list of past projects is provided further below.

Active Projects


Project Nimbus
Enabling the first ML-aware cloud-based commodity market for the new black gold: training data.


Project Hamlet
Exploiting database schema information to simplify data sourcing.


Project Morpheus
Integrating linear algebra and relational algebra to simplify feature engineering for ML.


Project Triptych (Coming soon)
An end-to-end data system for specifying, optimizing, and managing the ML model selection process.


Project SpeakQL
Enabling speech-driven multimodal querying of structured data with regular SQL and more.


Project Genisys (Coming soon)
Deep learning-powered database perception to enable data systems to see and hear unstructured data.


Project Precog (Coming soon)
Accelerating the use of ML in the Internet of Things (IoT) to embed “intelligence” in to the physical world.

Past Projects


Project Orion
Enabling and optimizing ML “over” joins; the precursor to Project Mopheus.


Project Columbus
Enabling and optimizing declarative exploratory feature selection over structured data.


Project Bismarck
Devising a unified system architecture for in-RDBMS implementations of ML algorithms.


Project Staccato
Integrating OCR data with an RDBMS and trading off accuracy for runtime with approximate inference.