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We recommend first installing Anaconda and then running the following commands to setup the environment. We also recommend using a machine that has GPU support, specially if you plan to train your own models. A CPU machine can be used if the goal is using pre-trained models to predict posture.

Now open a terminal and run commands:

    conda env create -f INFRA/CONDA/deep_postures_gpu_env.yml # for cpu use INFRA/CONDA/deep_postures_cpu_env.yml
    conda activate deep_postures

If the above doesn’t work, you can do it manually.

    conda create -n deep_postures python=3.6
    conda activate deep_postures
    conda install "tensorflow-gpu>=1.13.0,<2.0" # for cpu use "tensorflow>=1.13.0,<2.0"
    conda install pandas numpy scipy h5py

Now, move into the MSSE-2021 folder where our newest model is hosted:

    cd MSSE-2021